Unit 1 Part I Exerse2 Episode 1 1. B 2. A 3.A 4.B 5.C Episode 2 6.C 7.B 8.C Exercise 3 Episode 1 1. football basketball baseball 2. steady boyfriend 3. guess realized 4. broke up 5. in a group 6. save up 7. here comes Part II Listening I Exercise 1 1. older 2. brings 3. start 4. meaning 5. time 6.fine 7. special 8.soul 9. hand 10.last 11. hours 12. say Listening II Exercise 1 1. kind 2. gold 3. heartless 4. love 5. songs 6. says 7.touch 8.lifetime 9. gone 10.happens 11.feelings 12.speed Part III Practice One Exercise 1.gaze 2.sighs 3.touch 4.hugs 5.such 6.words 7.praises 8.understands 9.lends 10.holds Practice Two Exercise 2 1.T 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F 6.T 7.F Practice Four Exercise 2 1.unsuccessful marriages 2.failed relationships 3.dreamed of 4.works action 5.men natural Part IV Section 1 Directions 1.√ 2.√ 3√ 4 5√ 6 7√ 8√ 9√ 10 11√ 12 Section II Directions 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.C 7.C 8.B

Section III Directions 1.perfect 2.half full 3.ashamed 4.failure 7.side 8.flower seeds 9.watered 10.pick 5.apologized 6.house Unit 2 Part One Exercise 2 1.T 2.F Exercise 3 or another else 3.F Julia 4.F 5.F 6.T round seeing boating stupid Michael each other half an hour someone anymore two Of course I do different places Part Two Listening I Exercise 1 1.F 2.T 3.F 4.F 5.T Exercise 2 1.skin 2.local hospital 3.eat skin trouble 4.waiting for a big basket 5.done all her shopping a/her shopping list Listening II Exercise 2 1.B E 2.A E 3.A E 4.B E 5.A E 6.B E 7.A E 8.B E 9.B E 10.A E 11.B E 12.A E 13.B E 14.A E 15.A E 16.B E Listening III Exercise 1 1.F 2.T 3.T 4.F 5.T Exercise 2 Examples 1.MEN 2.HIS 3.MEN-made Consequences 1. mental image females/women 2. females/women males/men 3. citizens Part Three Practice One Exercise 1 1.F 2.T 3.F 4.F 5.T Exercise 2 1.hire a dog 2.pointed to 3.a letter 4.writing a program running it

perfectly Practice Two Exercise 1 1.Mandiarin 2.Zhang 3.Smith 4.Oxford English Dictionary Exercise 2 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.A 8.C 9.A 10.D Practice Three Exercise 1 1.T 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.T 6.T Exercise 2 1.an American education 2.fluent English 3.misses 4 nice 5.little things 6.walking the dog 7.weather 8.snowy 9.sunshine 10.boots 11.unbrella 12.a big smile Practice Four Exercise 1 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.F 6.T Exercise 2 1.small 2.pie 3.pine 4.big 5.small 6.pint 7.half 8.German 9.warm brown 10.English 11.a packet of 12 in the evening 13 .fr potatoes 14.crisps Part Four Section 1 1.difficult 2.frustrating 3.rewarding 4.people 5.places 6.ideas 7.cultures 8.live 9.similarities 10.differences 11.beliefs 12.attitudes Section II 1.F 2.F 3.T 4.F 5.F 6.F 7.F 8.T Section III Directions status interrupt power structure knowledge power Unit3 Part One Exercise 1 1.programmer 2.exchange program 3.asset Exercise 2 A.5 B.4 C.7 D.2 E.8 F.1 G.3 H.6 Exercise 3 1.unlucky 2.exchange 3.envy 4.perfect match programming 7.make a living 8.ideal 9.burned luckier 12.assets Part Two Listening I establish sharing and test approach encourage definite doubts 5.quit down programmer 6.current 10.total failure 11.admit

Exercise 1 1.22 2.d 3.4 4.9 5.12 6.12 7.last 8.3 Listening II Exercise 1 1.go on 2.song 3.true love 4.see 5.believe 6.sky 7.fly away 8.open door 9.silence 10 achieve Listening III Exercise 1 1.To come in and half something to eat 2.Because the man of the house/the husband wasn’t at home 3.Wealth, Success and Love 4.Wealth 5.Success 6.To invite Love to come in 7.Love 8.Love, Wealth and Success Part Three Practice One Exercise 1 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.D Practice Two Exercise 1 1.authority behavior 2.timid twenty-six-year education 3.assistant 4.most recent studies Exercise 2 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.F Practice Three Exercise1 1 2 3√ 4 5√ 6√ 7√ 8 Exercise 2 1.A 2.B 3.D 4.C 5.D Practice Four Exercise 1 1.1782 2.1795 3.1802 Exercise 2 1√ 2 3√ 4 5√ 6√ 7 8√ 9√ 10√ Part Four Section 1 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.B Section II 1.T 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F 6.T 7.F 8.F Section III 1.seventh 2.encouraged 3.performed 4.amused 5.natural 6.musical 7.form 8.Despite

Unit4 Part One Exercise 1 1.Copenhagen 2.TWA 3.thrilled 4.you bet 5.overdue 6.mechanical 7.maintenmance 8.a bite(to eat) 9. annoying 10.complex 11.initially Exercise 2 Mr&Mrs. Strong B C F H I Mr&Mrs. Green A D E G Exercise 3 1.6:55 2 New York 3.first grandchild 4.mechanical/door problems 5.their flight is overdue/delayed 6.the coffee shop 7.seating on another airline 8.1120 Part Two Listening I Exercise 1 1.F 2.T 3.T 4.F 5.F 6.F Exercise 2 1.prison 2.do the planting 3.ten days 4.the money the gun 5.plant the potatoes Listening II Exercise 1 1 2 3 4 5 √ Exercise 2 1.the lift service 2.engineers 3.adding more lifts 4.faster ones 5.too expensive 6.a psychologist 7.placing large mirror 8.simple 9.inexpensive Part Three Practice One Exercise 1 1.T 2.T 3.F 4.F 5,T Exercise 2 1.office 2.discussion 3.Immediately 4.long 5.describing 6.wrongs 7.over 8.shoulders 9. minutes 10.sat Practice Two Exercise 1 A B√ C D E√ F Exercise 2 1.Economic factors 2.Psycholigical space needs 3.number of bedrooms 4.family Exercise 3 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.T Partice Three Exercise 1

1.color 2.brain Exercise 2 Color 3.message Effect 4.red 5.exciting 6.signal Function nerves focused 7.mood Peaceful Cheerful creative relaxed Partice Exercise 1.Noise Exercise Setting I two boxes books came closer dropped several books Setting II Noise level A student volunteer the experiment same books dropped Four 1 how nice 2 activity decision-making brain power tired muscles 2.Two 3.Books 4.Passers-by student volunteers 5.One Noise Level Normal 20 80 Loud 10 15 Normal 75 distracting further out annoyed Loud 37.5 notice respond the noise help Part Four Section II Part A 1.American history 2.$64,000 3.the best guest missed a questioned 4.second 5.easier play it safe Part B 1.F 2.T 3.F 4.T 5.F Section III Part A 1.T 2.T 3.F 4.F 5.F Part B social support stress level heart rate blood pressure close relationships Unit5 Part One Exercise 2 1.B 2.A 3.C Exercise 3 4.C

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  • 新编大学英语 视听说教程2 答案

    新编大学英语 视听说教程2 答案

    新编大学英语 视听说教程2 答案...

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